Links of the Day

Update pace over the next few days might be a little slow.  Have a couple of projects that’ll be distracting me in the near future.  In the meanwhile, have some interesting links

Math! — Reddit post with some really interesting mathematical formulas for Dota mechanics, like EHP of Heart vs Assault Cuirass and the damage increase of MKB vs Daedalus

How to Jungle Rubick on Radiant — Jungle videos are a dime a dozen, but the use of telekinesis to create a three camp pull is pretty crazy.  I could even possibly see Rubick doing this for a different jungler to help them get a head start early on while being a traditional lane support in the meanwhile.

Basketball Isn’t a Sport. It’s a Statistical Network — Maybe something similar could work for Dota using a hero specific heat map over thousands of games and separating by wins and losses.  Or even just determining what the most successful strategies are for distributing laning effort.

2 Responses to Links of the Day

  1. TC says:

    Holy rubick that is amazing.

  2. TC says:

    That suggests a good creep spawn a pudge could do the same

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