Status Update: 1,000,000* matches

Thought I’d add some backstory to the slowdown of posting.  On the API subforum of the Dota2 Dev Forums, Sproinknet posted a database file containing all the Dota2 matches from 2010 and 2011.  It’s not ideal because it’s missing a lot of the skill level data and it’s pretty ancient, but it’ll still allow for some interesting avenues of historical analysis.

I’m playing around with two approaches.  The easier one that might produce some interesting results soon is just working through the database.  The more complicated one is converting all the match data to the python class I’ve been using so I can easily replicate tests I’ve already done.

The most immediate things I’m working on are trying to get a graph of the number of games per day through all of 2011 and the win rates of Radiant/Dire by the week.  From there I’ll move on to more complicated things like the public matchmaking win rates of heroes during the early stages of release.

Hopefully I’ve have something of interest ready before the week is up, so stay tuned.

*technically 885,228 I think, but who’s counting?

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