Fresh Meat in the Ecosystem


We sometimes overestimate the importance of counterpicking, but it’s probably safe to say that Pugna is a pretty strong counter to Skywrath Mage.  That’s a 44%->48% win rate jump in the past two days since Skywrath has been released, driven largely by what is either a 56% or 57% win rate for Pugna in games against the Mage.  Things will probably normalize once Skywrath’s usage rate falls to a more reasonable level (Dotabuff has him in 50% of games this Saturday), but it’s still an interesting object lesson on how win rates can be influenced by environmental factors rather than being a strict measurement of the hero’s viability.


6 Responses to Fresh Meat in the Ecosystem

  1. Jimmydorry says:

    It’s funny throwing a ward down and one shooting sky wrath.

    Add Dagon for extra lols.

  2. MiL says:

    The same thing happens when new items appear or some of them get remade (e.g morph when eblade appeared)

  3. inf0tr8r says:

    yeah banish yourself around skywrath and tell me he’s a counter.. lol

  4. babyjesus says:

    pugna leaves ward
    you destroy it
    you destroy pugna afterwards

    • Joao Oliveira says:

      Pugna leaves ward in the jungle
      You are searching for it
      Someone kills you while you’re searching

      Pugna plants the ward and you don’t even see it
      You die

      Pugna plants the ward and it’s well guarded
      You just turn around and go elsewhere

      It appears to me you’re oversimplifying this situation haha.

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