Quantic vs Rattlesnake Game 2

Trying to get ahead of this one, as I learned from game 1 that trying to keep up with a draft through typing is hard.

I don’t expect a big change in strategy from Rattlesnake.  Adjustments during the draft sure, but they know what they want and have multiple variants to achieve it while still reacting to Quantic.

Like I said before, I think Dark Seer + Batrider was a bad opening.  There’s a decent chance that Batrider will be open again, and I don’t have any problems with them taking it, but they might want to consider getting more carry potential out of the mid matchup with something along the lines of Templar Assassin or even an off the wall Viper pick if they find themselves up against Dragon Knight again.  The problem here might be that Funzii appears to be Quantic’s most comfortable Batrider player.  He has a 3-1 record with the hero in 6.78 while Silent is 2-4 and Sockshka is 1-5.

Update 1: Ok, nevermind.  Rattlesnake changes their opening ban to Outworld Devourer, and Quantic grabs Wisp and Chaos Knight quickly.  Rattlesnake might have a plan here to try to contest it with an aggressive trilane, but I’m not optimistic.

Quantic also doubles down with a Nature’s Prophet pickup.

Rattlesnake stats with Dark Seer+Nyx.  Then picks up Gyrocopter and Tidehunter.  Maybe no aggressive trilane.

Meanwhile Quantic adds KotL to shore up their lanes and give another global teleport to their 5th pick.

Both teams are likely to get a solo mid for their last pick.  I guess Tide mid is possible, but I’d be skeptical of that choice.  It seems like Rattlesnake might be betting on early 5-manning and teamfight to defend against Wisp.

With a Bane support pick 5th for Rattlesnake, that means mid Nyx, which at the very least makes more sense than support Tide.  Quantic responds with a mid Puck, so there we go.

Unless Rattlesnake has something up their sleeves, I feel Quantic is likely to win this.  Rattlesnake’s lone hope is that they survive the Relocate ganks once Wisp hits 6.

Update 2: That being said, Rattlesnake has gotten everything they want out of the laning phase with the first blood on Puck from a Tidehunter gank and early tower kill.  Meanwhile, Quantic just isn’t finding the levels they really want on Nature’s Prophet and Wisp.

Update 3: Wisp is doing stuff, but Rattlesnake is not as out of it as people think they are.  Nyx is doing work, and Chaos Knight really does not have amazing late-game scaling.  If Rattlesnake can minimize Quantic’s Wisp ganks and get Gyrocopter farmed up, this is still winnable for them.  Potentially.

Final Update: Really not a lot to say about that one.  Maybe Rattlesnake could have played things out better, but it wasn’t like Quantic was flawless either and still looked in control the entire match.

I can see absolutely no reason for Rattlesnake to ever ban anything besides Treant+Wisp.

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