Quantic vs Rattlesnake Game 3

So Quantic ties things up 1-1.  Rattlesnake goes into game three hopefully having learned to simply not do what they did in game two and ban Wisp.  If you think you can beat a Wisp lineup, try to prove it in group stages; don’t waste one of three matches that stand between you and complete elimination on such a gamble.

Nevermind, Rattlesnake gives up Wisp again.  I don’t even care.

Fine, they grab Chaos Knight and Visage.  Visage is fine, but Chaos Knight is a…let’s just say questionable pickup.  Probably aggressive trilane at least.

Quantic grabs Dark Seer in the first round with the Wisp, and Rattlesnake responds with Gyrocopter to split the field and take advantage of what they hope is a Dark Seer vs Gyrocopter lane.

Quantic’s Wisp lane appears to be Wisp/Leshrac/Sven.  A little worried about the Leshrac, but the lane makes some sense with the Sven+Leshrac stun combo.  Rattlesnake uses their last pick to get Crystal Maiden, so the offensive trilane looks relatively scary.  Beastmaster mid before that, which has some anti-Wisp potential.

And Quantic finishes with Lich, which, eh…not crazy about using Dark Seer and Lich for solo 1v1s.

Some weird picks.  I still favor Wisp, but I’m not especially crazy about the whole lineup.  On the other hand, I don’t really like the CK deny pick from Rattlesnake.  I think the edge still goes to Quantic unless the Rattlesnake trilane is extremely successful, but it’s more of a toss-up than last game was.

Update 1: Ok, this has been really dismal on the part of Quantic.  Maybe it’s not over, but the Dark Seer and Lich lanes are looking like a complete waste.  Honestly, I wish both teams would stop drafting Dark Seer in the first set of picks.  He’s not as safe of a pick as people think he is, and it’s repeatedly committing the team that picks him into a lineup that the other teams have consistently exploited.

Update 2: Ok, maybe that’s overstating it given that they have Dark Seer, but having Dark Seer and Lich as your 1v1 solos is a huge mistake.  There’s no reason to devote that many resources into needing the perfect vacuum, when you could have gotten a complementary threat to Sven like that had from Nature’s Prophet and Puck last game.

Final Update: Well, that was dismal for Quantic.  I don’t really feel that Rattlesnake shut down Wisp that much, aside from the good use of the aggressive trilane.  Quantic only did ok in the trilane vs trilane, but they got very little out of their solos.  Rattlesnake has researched Quantic’s draft style really well, and Quantic just isn’t responding well strategically.  Why invest so much in a Vacuum+Chain Frost combo when you already have Wisp and against a team likely to buy several BKBs?

Quantic has a lot of adjustments to make, and at this point Rattlesnake doesn’t even fear the Wisp pick  now that they’ve seen they can jam Quantic’s seemingly narrow Wisp options.

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