Hotkeys – how to select & optimise them.

I like to talk about what the average Dota player can do to improve their game, but I focus almost exclusively on strategy when a lot of players are being limited on a purely mechanical level. I felt this was a really good post on how to set up a hotkey system that covers everything you need and will help you build the muscle memory to automate minor tasks. The less you have to think about things like item purchasing and courier control, the more spare brain cycles you have available to plan your next move.


After writing my “Advanced solo mid guide” I’ve received a lot of questions about hotkeys. People wanted to know how to choose them, which settings are the best and what hotkeys I use myself. To answer all of them, here’s a short guide to choosing your hotkeys:

As I said previously, I’m a big fan of optimising and making your play more efficient. But how can you be efficient when you keep missclicking spells and items or not hitting hotkeys that are too spread out? Yes, you can’t.

I’ll state this clear: i will NOT tell you what hotkeys you should use, if you feel comfortable with legacy hotkeys where spells have their own hotkeys scattered all over the keyboard, go for it. I WILL tell you though some general rules you could follow, and how I discovered my ideal combination.

To start off, there are 4 most common hotkey…

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