6.79 Hero Win Rate Shifts [Link]

Someone else takes care of it so I don’t have to!

The full chart

The reddit comment thread, including the google drive link to a spreadsheet version.

No commentary from me for now.  Look for some Normal vs Very High stuff as early as this weekend.

8 Responses to 6.79 Hero Win Rate Shifts [Link]

  1. Nicoacademia says:

    i’m surprised Axe with that ulti buff only got a 2.38% rise in KDA.

    Interesting that bloodseeker’s 2nd largest rise in popularity met with a -1.12% fall in KDA. Maelk did comment on twitter in the end he felt bloodseeker got nerfed.

  2. Pantalaimon says:

    Although it’s fascinating to watch the results of balance changes in the direct aftermath, I don’t think the winrate shifts represent the size of nerfs or buffs with any accuracy until weeks have passed (and maybe even then with a element of falsity – which hopefully you can tease out on this blog!).

    What they really speak more to is that a majority of people probably don’t read balance changes, assume it is business as usual, play their first games on Spirit Breaker or whoever and get absolutely slaughtered.

    And on the other end of things, for people who read blogs like this and obsess over the finer details of the balance changes and get giddy about them, picking up the reworked heroes like Broodmother, they have a chance to surprise the previous mentioned set of people. Thus the winrate rises.

    All interesting stuff to think about but I have to think at this early stage it’s still mostly psychological.

  3. arturocarlos says:

    Not to be a nag, but omfg wer nu contentz ggdisbandvolvohugger
    But seriously, when do you upload? I really enjoy your articles and analysis, and I was just wondering if you have a regular upload time? I thought it might be tuesday but I wasn’t sure.
    Anyway, I would love to see a more in depth interpretation of this so when do you think something might be ready?

    • phantasmal says:

      The particular day for updates is irregular, just whenever they happen to get done.

      The goal has been to have at least one major update per week, but post-TI3 burnout and some health concerns made October a pretty dead month. Things should pick up again soon.

  4. arturocarlos says:

    also what the hell is going on with laning in the pro scene? Surely a more competitive offlane means it’s even more important to cover your carry farming in a defensive tri? Lately I see so many more aggressive lineups and carries like Naix and weaver being talked down for having too much farm needed, and they’re hardly antimage or dusa. A scrub like me is totally confused :.c

  5. Litus says:

    I love your stat analysis and have missed it over the past few weeks. Please give diretide!

    In all seriousness I’d love it if you did more skill build analysis. Perhaps Clockwerk or Undying, or another offlane.

    No matter what content you come back with we’re all looking forward to more!

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