[Guest Post]A New and Improved Test for Farm Dependency

For a few months now I’ve been in an e-mail correspondence with a reader by the name of Bishop’s Guest on the subject of putting together a better farm dependency test, and this week he provided me with a .pdf writeup on the test and a table of the results.

Given that this has been in the works for several months, the data used is from 6.77, so it’s not the 6.80 Farm Dependency test that people have been asking for.  Think of it as foreshadowing.

6.77 Farm Dependency pdf

Farm Dependency Table in Google Drive

Anyway, I’m going to let the pdf speak for itself.  It explains how the test works, and also comes with visual representations of each hero’s farm dependency, like this comparison between Anti-mage and Faceless Void.


3 Responses to [Guest Post]A New and Improved Test for Farm Dependency

  1. Nucky Thompson says:


  2. tuananhkk says:

    I just thought whether you could combine the steep angle with the average number of CS into 2 dimension graph to make a hero map so that we could compare them easily

  3. Owen J says:

    This is really well done! Please consider updating it with current (6.81b) data. That would be awesome.

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