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February 2014

6.80 Win Rate Shifts: A First Look

January 2014

[SBA] Sniper: Two Thirds of Players Are Ignoring His Best Skill
[SBA] Legion Commander ft. Lifestealer and Ursa
A Look Back at Wraith Night

December 2013

MLG Columbus: The Strategic Shifts of 6.79 [Link]
[Skill Build Analysis] Earth Spirit

November 2013

[Skill Build Analysis] Ember Spirit
6.79 Hero Picks and the Rise of Uncertainty
6.79 Hero Analysis [Link]
[Skill Build Analysis] Venomancer

October 2013

6.79 Hero Win Rate Shifts [Link]
Fashionably Late: 6.79 Patch Analysis
[Skill Build Analysis] Spectre

September 2013

Hero Win Rates on Radiant and Dire
Dota 2 Hero Winrates by Game Duration
Drafting an Upset: Power Rangers vs Alliance
Mid Only, Capture Points, and Cognitive Load in PvP
The Alliance’s Naga Siren
Google Drive Link for 6.78 Farm Dependency
Hotkeys – how to select & optimise them.
TI3 Hero Profile: Naga Siren
Let’s Talk About Team Matchmaking
6.78: Patch Retrospective

August 2013

6.78 Farm Dependency, including Bristleback, Skywrath, Elder Titan, and Abaddon
Radiant vs Dire: Picking Sides At TI3
TI3 Hero Profiles: Outworld Devourer
SEA Rising: An Analysis of Orange
Sometimes the Drafts Just Aren’t That Important: Alliance vs LGD
TI3 Upper Bracket Draft Predictions
Quantic vs Rattlesnake Postmortem
Quantic vs Rattlesnake Game 3
Quantic vs Rattlesnake Game 2
Quantic vs Rattlesnake Game 1
[The International 3] Quantic vs Rattlesnake Preview

July 2013

The Greatest Matchmaking Complaint Ever
Challenge Accepted: NaVi vs Kaipi Game 3
6.78’s Huskar Rework Might Be a Bit Overpowered
Valve Employee Comments on Matchmaking
Abaddon Is Not a Carry
[Skill Build Analysis] Slark
The Rise and Fall of Treant Protector

June 2013

6.78 Win Rate Shifts in Charts
DotaBuff’s 6.78 Win Rate Page Appears to Be Working Again
6.78 Win Rate Shifts Followup
6.78 Win Rate Shifts: First Impressions

May 2013

Breaking Down the Alliance Draft Strategy (G1 League spoilers)
DD’s Treant Dominance in the Western Qualifiers
Anti-Mage and Treant Protector in the Western International Qualifiers
The Shadow Blade Surge
6.77c’s Treant Protector is Secretly Really Good

April 2013

Dota 2 Item Trends in 6.77
Fresh Meat in the Ecosystem
Hero Farm Dependency
The Heroes With the Greatest Improvement in High Skill Games

March 2013

Merlini’s Mailbag and Solo Queue Clarifications
Calling in Ganks and Cost-Benefit Analysis
6.77c Win Rate Shifts for Nyx, KotL, Drow, and Treant
Is It Time for a Dota 2 Solo Queue?
So How Does Any of This Make You a Better Dota Player?
6.77c Patch Notes
Which Heroes Belong in the New Player Pool?
Odds and Ends
Radiant vs Dire Win Rates
Popularity of Game Mode by Bracket
The Size of Dota’s Skill Brackets, 2013 Edition
Hero Usage Stats by Bracket Now in Google Drive
Trends in Dota 2 Hero Usage by Skill Bracket

February 2013

[SBA] Necrolyte – Heartstopper Aura Outperforming Sadist
[SBA] Huskar and Ancient Apparition -or- Maybe Burning Spear Isn’t So Terrible After All
Rate-Driven Match Analysis
Silencer Skill Build Analysis
Crystal Maiden Skill Build Analysis
Better Skill Build Analysis

January 2013

On Math and Modeling – Ursa’s Earthshock vs Fury Swipes
The Death of Dota 2 Statistics Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
DotaBuff Rating: First Thoughts (And maybe last)
DBR vs Valve
The Dota 2 Metagame
The Insignificance of Pub Stats, Part 3
The Insignificance of Pub Stats, Part 2
The Insignificance of Pub Stats, Part 1
Looking at Dota’s Anti-Smurf Detection
The 6.77 Nerfed and Buffed

December 2012

And now here comes 6.77
6.76 Retrospective: What We Can Learn from Hero Win Rates
Item Usage Trends by Skill Bracket
Do Your Own Stats: The Player Data Dump
An Extremely Unofficial Dota Matchmaking FAQ part 3
An Extremely Unofficial Dota Matchmaking FAQ part 2
An Extremely Unofficial Dota Matchmaking FAQ part 1

November 2012

Who is the Most Farm Dependent Hero?
Dreamhack 2012 EG vs Na’Vi Game Two: a Ban/Pick Analysis
Addendum to Radiant Advantage
The Radiant Advantage
My Take on the ‘DotA 2 Team Composition Statistics’
Creep Kills per Minute by Bracket and Hero
Very High Skill Hell is a REAL place where you WILL be sent at the first sign of success.

October 2012

The Curious Case of Treant Protector
Hero Usage and Win Rates in the Three Skill Brackets
Update to Dota’s Skill Bracket Size

August 2012

The Size of Dota’s Skill Brackets
What is DotaMetrics?


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